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Any news with more updates? Hopefully, Chatgtp3 could speed things up maybe lol.

Will have a release soon. I have used ChatGPT for generating general code for tasks such as github pipeline, very interesting to see what it can do for procedural generating things.

Yeah I, ve got a ton of ideas for apps and games but have no coding experience, only writing stories and art stuff.  It does help flesh out ideas and explains code, working on something with a friend.   I think with A.I.  around the corner a lot of these programs are going to get better a lot faster. Have you played with SD or MJ and Dall-e yet?  Looking forward to seeing awesome stuff come from this software.

Thanks, I have been following the news, but I haven't try the image generating AI yet.

Development? News?

Recent experiment on removing Qt: 

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What is Qt? ^^ btw, it would be wesome if you could release a built version from time to time. All non-programmers would be very grateful for that! I couldn't get it compiled, honestly. For the reply and I'm happy to see this project is still ongoing and well!

Qt is a cross-platform UI framework. Will have built binary released when it's ready. Thanks for your interest.

When I click download on the windows “” build it downloads “dust3d-1.0.0-**rc.5.**zip” Opening the tool and checking the about page it also says it is the RC5 version not RC6 ( Dust3D 1.0.0-rc.5 (version: build: Apr 9 2020 13:11:27) ) so I assume it is not just a folder with the wrong name?


Thanks for the correction. The download URL was been misconfigured, and it's been fixed now.

Thank you for the quick fix,and thank you for this great tool. I had some time with it now and really love it. It’s so easy to start making cool stuff.

Just sponsored and I hope more do as well.  This is an unbelievable 3d modeling tool to achieve really good results.  I am not going back! 

Thank you!


This tool is amazing, is there some way to support it financially?

Thanks for asking, you can buy me a coffee from the paypal or sponser me from github.


very good concept, but i think it could use better documentation. i didn't know how to change mirror axis, the buttons for part modifiers are too small to distinguish, and i was a bit lost on whether i was supposed to model from the side or front first.

that all said, it'd be great for simple low poly models - but since the documentation lacks much of a guide (except for some basic controls and the ui itself), it's hard to really get into!

Thanks, the document is outdated while the features are evolving and functions been introduced or removed, it will be fixed after 1.0 stable version been released.

will you consider accessibility options (larger buttons, etc)? i'd love that in a future update

Yes, it will be improved, I have received many complains about the button size.